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Christopher is an experienced therapist, who was paralyzed in 2004. He devoted himself to over 12 years yoga and kung fu knowledge to heal himself. Graduated at the top of his class in 2016 from SSMT. His work combines myofascial release, deep pressure, and intentional energy work with Thai Stretching on the table.

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Nicole has a passion for helping others, based on her diagnosis of Gullian-Barre disease at age 8. She holds a bachelors degree in microbiology and physical therapy degree. She is medical massage certified, a reiki master, and uses deep intuitive energy work to achieve incredible results.

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Michael Fox tailors his massage practice to help meet individuals and their needs; whether the goal is to increase flexibility, relief stress, or releasing those aches and pains. Michael's style is customizable and can range from deeply relaxing, to energized movement therapy by using specific stretches and range of motion techniques to achieve a glowing inner calm. He is also a student of Reiki, Thai yoga, and natural medicine to further his knowledge of helping his clients and the environment around us.

Upon graduation from Sarasota School of Massage Therapy (2016), Michael jumped straight into Traditional Thai massage training after connecting with such a unique and spiritual form of massage. Considering the foundation of this ancient modality, it can help reach deeper levels through stretching, rocking, palm presses, and sen line work or pressure points similar to meridians. This style can benefit one's longevity and yoga practice since most positions are closely related to yoga asanas (positions). Thai massage has helped his own yoga practice and he hopes to pass on this rejuvenating, wholesome bodywork.

Michael truly believes massage is an art form of healing, "Each treatment is a diverse expression of energy, both the practitioner and client co-creating healthy changes". Furthermore, he is delighted to have a role in World Piece as it is a hub of holistic and productive knowledge. He is eager to expand his grasp on alternative therapies and plant medicines among like-minded peers and sincere co-workers.

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